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Amateur Television
and high speed data signalling

last update : May 21th, 2002

The newness of this site

- A two tone generator to check the linearity of the components of a video transmission chain

- A good pre-emphasis for the Comtech TV module !

Experimental 2 Mbit/s modem (receiving part)
This article follows the set of articles "High speed data signaling project (2 Mbit/s)", on this website. We describe here the receiving section of the modem.

Building an omnidirectionnal antenna for the 23 cm band. A slot antenna quick and easy to build.

A simplified video control box, to manage the switchings in a small ATV station.

The "twist" oscillator
A 2.3 GHz oscillator, frequency modulated, build with components of your junk box.
You can use it as a little 13 cm transmitter or exciter

The preemphasis
What is the preemphasis of FM TV signals ? How is the preemphasis carried out ?

Building a wideband repeater
Presently we are building a repeater usable for amateur television (ATV) and data transmissions

Did you say FHD22 ?
Discarded equipment, for 2.3 GHz enthusiasts only.

The 1.2 GHz "express-pizza" antenna
A directive antenna for the whole 23 cm band, you can build in 15 minutes.

Modifications of a standard satellite head, for 10 GHz  receiving
The informations you need to modify yourself a standard satellite head.


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