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Amateur television (ATV)


- A good pre-emphasis for the Comtech TV module !

- A simplified video control box, to manage the switchings in a small ATV station.

- Don't forget to see the "twist oscillator" in the "microwave" section. It's a good simple homemade device to transmit television signals in the 13 cm band.



- To receive Amateur TV signals, WFM, on the 23 cm band (Astra standard), nothing simpler than a standard, low cost, satellite demodulator. The device we describe here will enable you to evaluate the received levels. It is not a Smeter, but that resembles it!


Signals and measurements

- the preemphasis in Amateur Television : When one transmits a television signal, frequency modulated, one needs to preemphasize the video signal before modulation of the transmitter.

- the Vertical Insertion Test Signals in television : These invisible lines behind the screen which make it possible to appreciate the impairments undergone by the signal during its transmission. The realization of a simple device to visualize the VITS on the screen of an oscilloscope.

My favorite links

British Amateur Television Club
and CQ-TV the magazine of the BATC
download the CQ-TV Amateur Television Handbook and other interesting stuff

Triangle East Amateur Radio Association

The Utah ATV Home Page
and an Interdigital Filter on the Utah ATV website

The Amateur Television Network

Atlanta Amateur Television (ATV) Home Page
Atlanta is the home of the "Hog Fence", 11 dB gain ATV antenna designed by W4KIP

Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society

The BVD's "Blue Ridge Video and Digital Society"

....... to be continued

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